"God's Bestseller"
The Bible in English
1611 : red letter date

The AV Bible, King James Version, AV 1611
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Acclaimed atheist Richard Dawkins urges reading of King James Bible for school children
but only as literature - arts and letters - NOT as theology or religion or even as morals

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"God's Bestseller"
The Bible in English

detail from title page of 1611 King James Bible

The Holy Bible, King James Version

The authentic King James Bible
entire - complete - unabridged.

This is NOT the socalled Aitken
"King James Bible"
(see note)

chaptered from the
Electronic Text Center, U. Va

< the Most Original Copy ~ Anno Domini 1611

version was in use by Anglican speaking protestants for nearly three hundred years

God is our Refuge and Strength

It took many years for the 1611 Version to overtake the Geneva Bible in popularity with the people, but eventually the King James Version became the Bible of the English people. It became the most printed book in the history of the world. In fact, for around 250 years...until the appearance of the Revised Version of 1881...the King James Version reigned without a rival. During all that time, the authorized version contained the original 80 books (with Apocrypha) of the 1611 version. The Aitken Bible by American Robert Aitken  (a `King James Bible` but calvinised, americanised) appeared in 1782, but was not recognized as Authorized (so short after Yorktown!!). The Apocrypha was officially removed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1885 leaving only 66 books.
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Red Letter Date v v v AD 1611

400 years
[four hundred years]

Richard Dawkins :: All our children should read the King James Bible

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DISCLAIMER : Although the writings known as the Apocrypha are often not included in Protestant Bibles, due to the fact that these ancient texts came to us in Greek (like the New Testament) and later Latin but not in Scriptural Hebrew. Their rank in terms of authority is thus deuterocanonical, or second level. The fact is, while Anglo-American fundamentalists today reject their canonicity, they were translated and included in the original King James Bible of 1611, and are sometimes overviewed in Bible College or Seminary classes for historical background value. Having said this, we offer them here in faithfulness to the 1611 original.

Apocrypha: King James Bible

(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611
(Apocrypha) - Authorised 1611

This text was originally created at the University of Pennsylvania by Robert A. Kraft, was made available
to ETC by the Oxford Text Archive, and the index is mirrored here from ETC's searchable SGML database.

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